Esperanto was a created language that was meant to join the world and break down the barriers of language. This never succeeded and has now retired to become a perhaps an eccentric group of intellectuals no different than the flat earth society. Emojis have succeeded where others have failed. It is now the fastest growing language in the world at the moment. Almost childlike in their simplicity they have exploited and understood the globalisation of the social media culture. A new generation can now talk fluidly across all languages. In one simple pictogram you can say whether you are male or female. Young or old, happy or sad. Maybe the Egyptians were the first to develop a language such as this but in the 21st century it is the emoji that runs supreme. As in Orwells 1984 the concept of controlling language to control thought is something that perhaps may be looked at. At present it is rudimentary and does not have the nuances of languages that have had centuries to develop. That said, we must remember that emojis, at least for the moment, are a shorthand and language that run in tandem with and are reflecting our everyday life. As for their role in the future, who can tell. This print is published by Off The Press